The Institute for Data, Evaluation, and Analytics (IDEA), formerly known as the Center for Social, Community and Health Research and Evaluation, is a “virtual organization” developed to promote and support UNCG’s wide expertise in data analytics, evaluation, and research. It provides a visible and easily accessible point of contact for the external community seeking consulting services and technical assistance.

Who We Are

IDEA is composed of university partners (faculty, departments, other centers) spanning a wide range of skills and supported by a comprehensive array of analytical software, technology, and a robust computing environment with data security and comprehensive backup.


  • Wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., focus groups, survey and questionnaire design, SAS, SPSS),
  • Applied math, combinatorics, probability theory, statistical consulting center and computational mathematics,
  • Geographic information systems,
  • Policy analysis and applied economics (e.g., trend analysis, economic impact),
  • Data informed decision making and strategic planning,
  • Information systems and supply chain analytics, and
  • Consulting services in the areas of research design, methodology, assessment and measurement, and program evaluation for businesses, state agencies, and nonprofits.

What We Do

By working collaboratively with personnel, units, departments, investigators, other UNCG Centers and agencies on data collection and analysis efforts, IDEA provides technical assistance to the UNCG community and to outside agencies and programs and allows UNCG and community, institution, state, national and international partners to meet their accountability goals and objectives and to increase their capacity to serve their constituencies.

For more information, contact Dr. Terri Shelton, Interim Director, at