Big Data and Data Science Analysis

Projects that our students worked on in the CSC 405/605 Data Science over seen by mentor Jason Jones.

In the Guilford EMS project, we are working with the Guilford County Emergency Medical Services, EMS, data sets which includes call records from the following agencies: Guilford County Sheriff Department (GCSD), Guilford County Fire Department (GCFD), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and Animal Control (ACO).

Upon completion of the project, we should be able to:

  • Relationships between trending natures for calls and each agency; patterns between geographic area and leading calls’ natures; identification of predictors of emergency call categorization as “sick person”-later on if time permits.
  • Correlate time of the call with the nature of the call, and understand the patterns in which the calls happen in terms of time as hours, days, and months.
  • Response reaction time based on nature.
  • Nature and matching priority(priority always based on operator, is it over time changed).