IDEA Clusters

IDEA Clusters are the research topic/focus areas lead by sub-groups IDEA members. The groups consist of interdisciplinary researchers working on high impact research under the thematic domain of the cluster. The following are the descriptions of the IDEA Clusters:


AI on the Edge cluster explores machine learning on low resource and power devices. The key objective here is to enable efficient data collection and prediction at the source of the information allowing for more real-time implementation of AI algorithms and smarter IoT devices. Our research is currently focused on healthcare informatics and environmental sensing where we are developing hardware and software components, i.e. health monitors to analyze patient state (gait, emotion, vital signs, etc.) or autonomous rovers capable of analyzing the environment around them.


IDEA Health serves as an incubator and capacity-builder for analyses that focus on developing healthy communities. Conduct analyses on health outcomes at the individual and population levels. Inform policy that focuses on cost, access to, and quality of health services. Develop the institutional capacity to become a center of excellence on the social and economic determinants of health, measurement of community health, reduction of health disparities, and  improvement of health services delivery.


UNCG and Guilford County joined the Metrolab Network to bring data, analytics, and innovation to local government. MetroLab Network connects government-university partnerships via a national, collaborative platform that facilitates the sharing of information and the scaling of technology and solutions across the country. By becoming members of MetroLab Network, UNCG and Guilford County have signed a memorandum of understanding and agreed to undertake at least three research, development and deployment projects addressing opioid abuse, substance abuse interventions and the prevention of homelessness through eviction diversion strategies.


The UNCG Workplace Health Network (WHN) is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to advancing the impact of Total Worker Health® (TWH) initiatives. In alignment with the TWH Hierarchy of Controls, we take a socioecological approach to workplace safety, health, and well-being. We offer education, training, consulting, and research and evaluation.

Our team members come from multiple academic departments including Public Health Education, Economics, Nutrition, Interior Architecture, and the School of Nursing, as well as the internal UNCG Workplace Wellness Program, HealthyUNCG. Our group has expertise in program planning and implementation, health and wellness coaching, chronic disease management and risk reduction, mental health, screening and brief intervention, food environments, return on investment, cost-effectiveness, evaluation, and more.

We are a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Total Worker Health® Affiliate and we are committed to education, practice, research, and strategic collaborations that will contribute to protecting and promoting worker well-being.


The Mobility Data Network (MDN) aims to use human mobility data to develop insightful analyses that inform public, health, and social policies across various domains. MDN’s overarching objective is to cultivate institutional capacity and establish itself as a center of excellence in the field of mobility data analysis. The network strives to become the definitive source for social science and policy-oriented applications of mobility data and works collaboratively with other IDEA research groups, other UNCG researchers, and external researchers.

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