Current Projects

Current Projects

MetroLab Network

MetroLab Network works to create partnerships between universities and policymakers to improve communities.

UNC-Greensboro and Guilford County have conducted a series of projects that represent the collaboration of five UNCG Departments and Centers and partners from community institutions and organizations including law enforcement, emergency services, government administration, and nonprofits to address important issues affecting the quality of life of persons living and working in Guilford County.

Workplace Health Network

The UNCG Workplace Health Network (WHN) is an interdisciplinary research, training, and consulting group dedicated to advancing the impact of workplace wellness initiatives. Team members come from multiple academic departments including Public Health Education, Economics, Nutrition, Interior Architecture, and the School of Nursing, as well as the UNCG Workplace Wellness Program.

Big Data and Data Science Analysis

In the Guilford EMS project, we are working with the Guilford County Emergency Medical Services, EMS, data sets which includes call records from the following agencies: Guilford County Sheriff Department (GCSD), Guilford County Fire Department (GCFD), Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and Animal Control (ACO).

Guilford Financial

We have data for Guilford County approved budgets from 2013-2018 and transactions from 2007-2018. The dataset available is financial data mainly including adopted/amended budget data and historical transaction data for the Guilford County.

Gate City Research Network

The Gate City Research Network (GCRN) is a collaboration between the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) and North Carolina A&T State University (NC A&T) to create a multi-institutional science DMZ supporting research activities through a dedicated, low-latency, high-speed research and education network connection.