Dan Bibeau


Public Health

Office: 420 Coleman Building

Dr. Daniel Bibeau is a Professor in the Department of Public Health Education at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. His scholarly interests focus on understanding and reducing or controlling chronic disease risks among adults using a socio-ecological approach to health education, health promotion, and health coaching. Dan collaborates internally with HealthyUNCG, a health promotion program for 2,500 UNCG employees. Dan supports the data collection and analysis processes for HealthyUNCG research and evaluation projects, including longitudinal examination of health risk assessments and health risk profiles among employees. He also works with a team of faculty, staff, and students that conduct health coach training and data collection to study the processes and impacts of health coaching. This team is collaboration with a variety of healthcare and public health organizations and are looking to expand the reach of coaching innovations to assess best approaches to help patients and families achieve the health they desire and help health care and public health organizations meet their quality targets under the Patient Portability and Affordable Care Act.