Guilford Financial

Guilford County Financial Modeling is the idea for our project. We have data for Guilford County approved budgets from 2013-2018 and transactions from 2007-2018. The dataset available is financial data mainly including adopted/amended budget data and historical transaction data for the Guilford County. The idea is to help the Financial and Budget Department of Guilford County in maintaining their expected spending and transactions.

The goal is to be able to discover anomalies in the given financial data and be able to discover new anomalies as new data is added. Eventually, we would also like to be able to make financial forecasts and predictions based on the given data. We would like to be able to make predictions about upcoming transactions. Our goal at this point is to develop a method for discovering anomalies in the past financial data and for catching new anomalies as new data comes in.

In order to achieve these goals efficiently, we have divided the tasks among our team members like maintaining the data dictionary and documentation, finding the relationships in the data, finding the patterns in data in different departments, how the spending trends change with time, detecting anomalies or abnormalities in transactions and/or total actual spending as we move through the year.