Kenneth Gruber

Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships

Office: 170 Stone Building

Dr. Kenneth J. Gruber is a social/research psychologist with over 30 years of research and program evaluation experience. He is Senior Research Scientist at the UNCG Center for Youth family and Community Partnerships. His areas of specialty include data collection design and methodology, statistical analysis, program evaluation, technical writing assistance, and grant application review. Dr. Gruber has worked with a variety of community partners covering a range of projects and issues. He also provides service to the University through consultation services to faculty and participation on student thesis and dissertation committees. His professional work is mostly in the area of program evaluation and the use of this information for program development and applied research. He has been deeply involved in community health topics publishing research on chronic illnesses, nutrition, adolescent pregnancy prevention, impact of diet on health and weight management, health access for uninsured adults, and environmental factors in the home and asthma. He has worked with a variety of communities including: older adults, immigrants, families, and low-income uninsured. Dr. Gruber is conducting program evaluation work on the Cone Health Foundations’ initiatives for the uninsured in Greater Greensboro relating to: Integrated Care (Primary health care + Behavioral Health Care or Referral for Oral Care services) and Co-occurring Disorders. His most recent work has been in the area of the opioid epidemic and how to address it through community-based actions.