Assets are available data and compute resources (databases, data sources, HPC, etc.) via the IDEA researchers.

Data Assets

Aggregated Cellular Mobility Data

Aggregated cellular mobility data by day, week, and month for the United States and Canada from 2018 to the present from SafeGraph ( (stored at UNC Longleaf)

Device-level mobility data (2/1/2020-4/15/2020) from Unacast (stored in Google Cloud)

Guilford County Budget Data

The county’s budget document and related presentations are on the county’s website here:

Protected Health Information

The North Carolina Division of Health Benefits (DHB) will provide a Limited Data Set of Protected Health Information (“PHI”). These Medicaid paid claims data will include six (6) years of historical provider, beneficiary, paid claims (and encounter) data with a one (1) month lag. Specific variables that will be provided monthly include provider variables, member variables, claims variables, and supplemental claims variables. Under the Agreement with the DHB, UNCG is a “Limited Data Set Recipient” as defined in HIPAA. UNCG and the DHB will cooperate to coordinate oversight processes that will screen requests by UNCG researchers for access to the DHB data.

Contact: Noel Mazade

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